1952Player PianoStandalone Novel
1959The Sirens of TitanStandalone Novel
1960Cat’s CradleStandalone Novel
1961Canary in a Cat HouseStandalone Novel
1961Mother NightStandalone Novel
19622BR02BShort Story Collection
1965God Bless You, Mr. RosewaterStandalone Novel
1968Welcome to the Monkey HouseShort Story Collection
1969SlaughterhouseFiveStandalone Novel
1970Happy Birthday, Wanda JuneStandalone Novel
1970Who Am I This Time? For Romeos and JulietsStandalone Novel
1972Between Time and TimbuktuStandalone Novel
1973Breakfast of ChampionsStandalone Novel
1974Wampeters, Foma and GranfalloonsNon-Fiction Book
1976Slapstick, or Lonesome No More!Standalone Novel
1979JailbirdStandalone Novel
1981Palm SundayNon-Fiction Book
1982Deadeye DickStandalone Novel
1982Fates Worse Than DeathNon-Fiction Book
1985GalápagosStandalone Novel
1987BluebeardStandalone Novel
1990Hocus PocusStandalone Novel
1997TimequakeStandalone Novel
1999Bagombo Snuff BoxShort Story Collection
1999God Bless You, Dr. KevorkianNon-Fiction Book
1999Like Shaking Hands with GodNon-Fiction Book
2004Kurt Vonnegut on Mark Twain, Lincoln, Imperialist Wars and the WeatherStandalone Novel
2005A Man Without a CountryNon-Fiction Book
2008Armageddon in RetrospectShort Story Collection
2009The Big Trip Up YonderStandalone Novel
2009Look at the BirdieShort Story Collection
2011While Mortals SleepShort Story Collection
2012Sucker’s PortfolioShort Story Collection
2012LettersNon-Fiction Book
2012We Are What We Pretend To BeNon-Fiction Book
2013If This Isn’t Nice What Is?Non-Fiction Book
2017Complete StoriesShort Story Collection
2020Love, Kurt: The Vonnegut Love LettersNon-Fiction Book