Vegan Recovery Foods

Anti Inflammation With Omega 3’s: – Ginger – Flaxseeds – Turmeric Anti Inflammation: – Blueberries – Sweet Potatoes – Green Tea – Soy – Cooked Shiitake Or Oyster Mushrooms – Garlic Whole Grains: – Brown Rice – Quinoa – Barley – Steel Cut Oats Vitamin A: – Sunflower Seeds – Carrots – Sweet Potatoes – Winter Squash – Swiss Chard – Spinach Antioxidants: – Blueberries … Continue reading Vegan Recovery Foods

My First Ultra Marathon (Attempt): Healing IT Band Syndrome

Spoiler Alert: Remember when Mr T. beat the snot out of Rocky, then Rocky trained during an entire song and was able to destroy the old Fool Pittyier? Yeah, it takes longer than one inspirational song to cure an IT Band Injury. I read through my running journals recently and discovered an interesting trend; when I hike a big hill or mountain and then transition … Continue reading My First Ultra Marathon (Attempt): Healing IT Band Syndrome

My First Ultra Marathon (Attempt): Why?

A metal bin, fixed to a buried wooden 4×4, marked my first allowable outdoor distance. My grandmother could see the paved driveway from her kitchen as she made lunch for her daily wards (5-15 grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other neighborly passerby’s). “You can go outside, but not past Calvin’s mailbox.” I put in many an hour hovering around the perimeter of that mailbox’s force field. … Continue reading My First Ultra Marathon (Attempt): Why?