Queso Royale Chapter 5: The Urinal

James awoke with his butt squeezed in the urinal of a one-holer bathroom. He was butt-naked with only a white janitor’s rag covering his midsection. A severely-weathered dark Hispanic man sat on the toilet–jeans to porcelain. He was reading a glossy brochure. James could feel a desert seizing […]

Rapid Sentence Fulfillment

Under the former El Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Marco de Fuerza, the U.S government exterminated its people for the smallest of crimes. That was before El Presidente, Jesús Salvada, brought life to our dying country. He untied the hangman’s noose; removed the head of the guillotine program; […]

The Fly and the Excavator

There once was a great excavator, and inside the cab was a fly. The little buzzer had lived in this massive machine since he was a tiny little maggot. Most days, the fly would play inside the machine while a man dug along the base of a small […]