Your Strava statistics intimidate me.

It took me 4 hours this morning to run 16 miles. According to your profile, you’d be waiting an hour-and-a-half at the finish for me to shuffle in.

Are there Facebook groups for runners who take too long to run trails?

Maybe a group for IT Band injured runners who hobble down mountains? Can you imagine 30-40 trail runners limping down a mountain, single file, apologizing to each other for having to walk.

Hey Mr. Posts-a-Weekend-30-Miler-Group-Run…

…I would love to go..


When I see posts asking for runners to meet up at so-and-so trail at so-and-so time, my bones ache to be a part of it. But then I imagine the shame of being the person who brought down the vibe.

Maybe it’s my 15 minute-per-mile average pace that prevents me from tagging along. Maybe it’s self-confidence, it’s hard for a guy that weighs 220lbs to imagine being able to run along with a dude that weighs 120 lbs covered in peanut butter.

I’m afraid I won’t fit in;

What if I end up looking stupid? What if I’m not good enough? What if I forget to wear pants?
Fear eats away at me like a termite. It would be fun. I see those smiling faces on your posts. I read the cool stories. I also cringe at the 6,000ft of elevation gain. I want that too. But I’m scared.

This quarantine business has given my shame a breather. I tell myself that running in groups isn’t safe, but this excuse can’t last forever (I hope).

The next time you post asking for running partners, know that I’ve probably seen it and really really really want to go with you.

But I’m just scared right now.


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