I’m fat, and in 39 days, I’m still going to be that way at my race.

I accept this reality.

But it sucks.

Even with all the miles, my plant-based diet, and determination, I still have my love-handles.

I’m still chugging along with training though. 25-30 miles a week, through the blazing Georgia summer.

And as long as I have this extra weight, I’ll just count it as heavy lifting. It’s like carrying a 20 lb weight on my back during my training runs.

At least I know that I can still do it. I can still run a long way; I’ve just got to carry a little extra along the way.

– Nate

Did you know that runners who weigh over 200lbs are considered Clydesdale Ultra Runners? If you fit in that category, feel free to join my facebook group, Clydesdale UltraRunners. It’s a safe place for us hefty shufflers to help each other down the trail.