How Do I Feel About the Race?

My mind is in a panic.

I feel under-trained; I feel like I’ve trained enough.

The cut-off times are too soon; they’re just fine.

My world has become a see-saw with Olympic high-jumpers on each end. Just as soon as one thought reveals itself, a counter-thought rockets into my forethought.

I’m worried about the elevation; climbing is my favorite part.

I don’t like out-and-backs; I love doing the same track over and over.

I didn’t run enough; I cross trained while nursing injuries.

What if I don’t maintain my calories and hydration; there’s going to be food and drink spread across the entire course!

On and on.

The race has become an even more domineering thought in the past few days. Although, to be fair, the Georgia Jewel has dominated my mind since I signed up. In a lot of ways, my race has resembled having a baby. 

  • I’ve had a nine-month wait for one of the hardest and most rewarding days of my life
  • I’ve had to do extensive research on the best practices to be successful
    I’ve done preparatory exercise and even breathing technique work
  • I’ve had to make major nutrition changes 
  • A momentary lapse of judgement brought about the entire ordeal (Dang you!)

Will I Finish?

37.5 miles is 13 miles, or a half-marathon longer than my furthest training run. The elevation gain for the covid-19 course rendition is much higher than my training runs allotted. If I am forced to use the entire 12 hours to make it to the finish, I must travel for five hours more than I’ve ever gone. 

So again, will I finish?
I don’t know.