A 30 min workout that won’t be affected by a quarantine? What!?

I’ve gathered these exercises to attack all the muscle groups used in ultras while strategically limiting the amount of rest required between moves.

This routine should take around 30 mins to complete once you are comfortable with how the moves work.

This workout requires:


Reps Exercise
12 Single Leg Chair Liftoff(L&R)
15 Step-ups (L&R)
30 Push-ups
20 Supermans
50 Mountain Climbers
25 Russian Twists
12 Alternating Side Planks
15 Fire Hydrants 2 Sec hold (L&R)
15 Quadruple Rocking (Cat 2 Cow)
30 Crunches
60 Cobra Stretch (Breaths 2 per cycle)
60 Plank (Breath in and out count 1)
30 Sitting Leg Raises (Alternating)
15 Flutter Kicks
30 Squats (Heavy Resistance Bands)
30 Backwards Skate (Heavy Resistance Band)
30 Calf Raises (15 pound DB’s)
15 Single Leg Squats (L&R)
20 Side Leg Lifts (L & R Medium Res Bands)
30 Lunges (Total alternating sides)
12 Good Mornings (alternating)
15 Side Squats (2 Sec Hold)
30 Standing Toe Touch “Back Bends”
60 Warrior 1 (L&R Breaths 2 per cycle)
20 Bicep Curls (L&R 10 pound)
20 Overhead Punch (L&R 10 pound)

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