“Treadmill running isn’t real running.”

– 98% Of All Ultra-Runners

“Why would you run inside when there’s so many trails to go on?” -Anonymous Dude On a Trail (and me last year)

I’m injured.

There, I said it.

That’s where I’ve been. Hiding in my cave of despair. Licking my wounds. Watching from the armchair of life as those I knew in the community continue on their ultra journey.

It’s been seven months since I went on a trail. Seven months since I backed out of the Elsie Enduro a week before the race. 11 months since the Georgia Jewel 37.5 Miler, the race I acquired this thorn in my heel.

My wife bought a treadmill this week. I gave it a try. The machine made to provide a soft landing for the foot. Also my New Balance Fresh Foam More’s were created to feel like I’m walking on a pile of giant marshmallows. When these two forces are combined, I can run. I can walk. And because I moved the 32″ Roku television from our bedroom, I can watch Stranger Things while I do it.

This is photo of my Nordic
Nordic Track 6.5 and my 32″ TCL Roku TV.

And you know what? It feels good. My heart rate tells me that it’s real. And I’m catching up on television shows instead of sitting on my couch and converting into a blob.

Also, I’m back to being plant-based. Apparently a diet with chicken, cows, pigs, and Cap’n Crunch put the “sugar in my blood”. But my, almost, vegan ways have brought those numbers back down. Awesome.