CovidSux# reads across the bottom of the brim on this year’s race hats.

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And the reference applies not only to safety regulations for the race; or that ultras all over the world are cancelled; or even because the disease has killed over 180,000 people; which is frustrating, but the hat’s decree also acknowledges the new race-course, an out-and-back, instead of the original point-to-point, that features over 7,000 feet of elevation! And sure, Jamil Curry would scale this climb like a mountain goat, but for me, a man who has never run over 30 miles in his life, much less 37.5 with several mountains blocking the way, this is going to feel like CIA Torture.
I recently heard a podcast where the race director stated that we’d better find a mountain and marry it if we want to finish. So, I dated a few hills, and ran around with some others. Finally landing on two mountains that offered the biggest gains with the least driving.
Taylor’s Ridge in Walker County, GA has given me the most TLC this far. This past May, my son and I ran the 5.5 loop out-and-back from our house for seven days in a row. We racked up 700 feet of gain each day and ended just shy of 5,000  for the week.
We also found a two-mile out-and-back just off of the Snake Creek Gap Trail Head about 20 minutes from our house. This trail offers 500ft of elevation in a one mile climb to the false summit. I did an extensive training session on this mountain last week and the incline was terribly effective.
And now, the final week before my official taper begins for my first Ultra-Marathon and I’m climbing a different mountain each morning for seven days. Let’s hope this is the training that builds my legs into the machines they have to be.
Hey BTW, only 24 days until the Georgia Jewel

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