Ok, we joined a gym.

My wife has lost over 100lbs and is getting ready to hit the gym. So that means it’s time for me to get serious about my training. Whatever that means.

I would love to lose 30 pounds and get myself out of the Clydesdale category. I feel like the 80/20 of my struggles come from the added weight on my frame. My 80 being an aptitude for laziness. 

I’ve had Covid this week. So my gym time will have to wait a few more days. But to show how serious I am. I did some squats in my office at home. 😉 That’s where I’m staying until my Rona goes away. I’ve also been doing some hard workouts on my treadmill, I mean hard for someone who has COVID-19. Don’t judge me too hard. It gets boring in here after a few days. I needed to go for a walk. Even if it was a little wheezy.

So hopefully, this week will mark the beginning of my next phase in training. The phase where I actually get out the door and train.