Do you see this as a mystery?

Did you think that one moment could erase our history?

There was no singular moment

No “ah-ha!” projected into that summer air

But there were occasions, 

have no doubts, 

that showed He wasn’t there

But it wasn’t in those padded pews that showed us where

you had gone astray.

Hell, we followed you right along into the madness

To the moment of our darkest sadness, 

when we saw you for who you are.

You tried to yell louder than those who were hurting

You beat them down when they tried to stand

And anyone not serving you, 

you don’t even see as a common man

Equality has no room in your vocabulary

Only You versus the world

And if somebody gets hurt in the process,

it was probably from a rock that you hurled

So stand away.

Go back to your cave of non-critical romance

And snarl at the world with your illogical stance

But keep me the fuck out of it

For me, there’s no more pretending

You’re an evil in the world, and you’re not worth defending