I woke up Friday morning and couldn’t walk. The inside of my right knee was in incredible pain when I bent it. With only 20 days until my first Ultra-Marathon, I panicked. 
I’m not sure how it happened. The non-ultrarunners in my life blamed the mountains I had been trying to climb last week. But with only three mountains with 12 miles and 2000 feet elevation under my belt in 3 days. It didn’t seem plausible that the climbs were the root-problem.
It started niggling the night before, when we went hiking as a family, three miles with 400ft of gain. And we did it at a casual pace. It was now Friday morning and my leg really hurt.
Long story short, it’s Tuesday as I write this and my knee is 50% better. Will I toe the line on September 19th, for the GA Jewel 35 miler?
God, I hope so.